If we give it some thought, we will discover that using credit cards is not a problem, but the amount of credit card debt keeps growing by the day. We tend to misuse the opportunities credit card issuers provide us. The opportunity of a sizable credit line leads us to use more than we need. Credit cards might feel like easy access to funds, but there are specific cases you need to avoid using your credit cards. Below are some situations when you need to avoid using your credit card as a billing method.

Automated Billing Method

Not everyone pays their bills in full. When it comes to automated billing methods, it is a good idea to avoid using your credit card. Having an automatic billing method is not a bad idea, but when it is with your credit card, that’s where the problem lies. If you are not a responsible credit user, you should avoid the use of your credit cards for automated billing. Learn to switch auto payments to your bank account, so you’re fully responsible for your actions.

Websites without “HTTPS”

A secure website will always have the HTTPS web protocol for secure communication with the web servers. If you don’t see this protocol when you visit a website, you need to avoid the use of your credit card on there because some websites are set up to steal user data from visitors. Some websites have the HTTP protocol, but it is important that the “S” is included because “S” stands for secure. When the URL of a website begins with HTTPS, then it is safe to use your credit card.

Casino Payments

This feels like a no brainer – not until you fall under the Las Vegas spell or some party-like atmosphere and you find yourself swiping your card continuously. Advance cash is never a good idea in a party-like situation because you are going to pay back every single penny spent.


There is something called “phishing.” This has to do with emails created to extract your credit card data for some unauthorized purchase. It is better to provide your details on a phone call or through text message rather than emails. Before clicking on any link in your email, you should check for phishing clues such as spelling mistakes, grammar errors, logos that look suspicious, or questions that are not related to you.

Purchases While Connected To A Public WI-FI

It’s no news that public Wi-Fi can be hacked at any point in time. Inputting personal data through public wireless networks without password protection poses a high risk to you. You should wait until you get a secure Wi-Fi connection before making any purchase. Make sure you delete all Wi-Fi networks that aren’t yours from your device before you use your credit card. You can only use public Wi-Fi to make purchases if you’re connected through a secure VPN.

Merchant Take Your Card Out of View

This is an everyday situation when making payments in a restaurant, bar or grocery store. Allowing a merchant to take your card out of view poses a potential risk to you. Chances are it’s fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in the end. The best practice is to keep your card in sight while payments are made. That way, you’re much safer.

While Abroad

Using credit cards for international transactions attracts some fees which could be up to 1-3 percent of your foreign purchase. Before you attempt to use your card abroad, you need to call your credit card issuer to know how the billing works for international transactions. Also, you should let them know your card will used for the international trade, so it doesn’t set off the fraud alert.

Making Yourself Feel Better

Avoid the use of your credit card as a payment method if you are shopping to make yourself feel better. Find other ways that don’t have to do with spending lots of dollars on your emotional dilemmas. For instance, you can decide to take a walk to clear your head, solve a problem that will keep you focused, or running. Draining your credit card balance could cause significant damage.

Affordable Purchase

Not everyone understands this, but you should only purchase what you can afford. Use your credit card for your convenience but only use it when you know you can pay it back at the end of the month. When some people are building up debt on credit cards, some others are treating their credit cards as a tool of convenience.

Use Of Credit Cards On Public Computers

Some browsers save user information without permission. If this browser can store a user’s data, this means any other person that uses that computer can have access to other people’s information. Under no circumstances should you input your credit card details into a public computer. Your credit card number can be used to initiate unauthorized online transactions. Some public computers have some software embedded in them to record keystrokes or your entire screen activity thus stealing your information.

Credit cards are a very excellent financial tool provided they are used correctly and responsibly. If you are interested in getting your first credit card, please feel free to visit Calcite Credit Union.