When you and your family decide to buy an RV, the best thing to do is buy a used one. There are many things to remember when buying a used RV. It’s a good thing you’re on this page. Here is a list of things to check when purchasing a used RV.

The Research or Pre-Purchase Phase

Make the Budget

Having a set budget will make you more critical in the decisions you make when you go to RV dealerships. You’ll know how much you can spend.

The Type of RV

There are many types of RV’s out there. Whether it’s a Travel Trailer, a Pop-Up, a Toy Hauler Class A, Class C, or whatever, you should decide what type to get beforehand.

Motorhome vs Towable

Choose between these two. Are you someone who likes long drives? A motorhome might be for you if you don’t mind long drives. Do you want a towable RV? The question is, does your automobile have enough capacity to tow it? You need to also consider the sleeping capacity because this differs in every type of RV.

Decide the Floorplan

When it comes to RV interiors, there are a lot of options for  layout design. It will depend on how you’ll use the RV. Certain floor plans may suit your family better than others. For example, a bunkhouse floor plan is a great choice for families that have young children. A Toy Hauler has a lot of space for ATVs, motorcycles, and sports car. A rear-living type  is a popular layout for people who love to entertain and have space to cook.


There are so many manufacturers on the market. Each of them has their own special features to boast. This is when you have to know what type of RV you’re looking for so the selection of a manufacturer can be easy.

Read reviews from past customers

The beauty of buying a used RV is that it has already been tested. There are a lot of reviews on the internet. These can help you decide on what model you should choose.

Ask around

Consult with your family and friends—maybe they have an RV of their own. Ask what they think and about their experiences with their RV. Better yet, go with them the next time they take their RV on  an adventure.

Go Online and Research

With today’s technology, you can find almost anything on the internet, including RVs. Search for the model and manufacturer that you would like. Jot down questions you have so that you can ask the salesperson.

Ask for Insurance Quotes

The pre-purchase phase is the best time to request insurance quotes. This will also help you find the insurance plan that will cover a used RV. Knowing this will help you plan for repairs and maintenance down the road.

Choose a Good Dealer

Get help from someone who has already bought an RV. The experience they have will help you in finding and choosing a trustworthy dealer. One benefit of buying a used RV is that you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Do your research and choose wisely.

The Purchase Phase

The RV’s Past

When you find the one that you like, research and ask about its history. This can come for a price but you will also need to get information like service records, collision repairs, and recalls.

Ask Questions

When you are at the dealership, ask any questions you might have about the unit. A good salesperson will be glad to answer all queries and concerns from customers.

Inspect the RV

Do an inspection of the whole unit including the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, exterior and interior before completing the purchasing of the RV. If there’s something wrong that needs to be repaired, inform the dealer and resolve the issue.


Determine how you’ll pay for the used RV. If you are getting a loan, make sure you are pre-approved. Make sure you have everything you need in order to make the down payment or full payment.

Determine the Fair Purchase Value

Determine if the price given to you is right by using this great tool: NADA GUIDE (National Automobile Dealers Association).

Make the offer

With the NADA value in mind, making an offer should be a breeze. Make the offer on the unit you desire.

The Post-Purchase Phase

Plan for the Maintenance

RVs need regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. During the purchase phase, you should resolve service concerns if there are any.

Decorate or Renovate

Whether you want furniture upgrades or new backsplash installations, decorating the RV will make it cozier.

Accessorize it

If you don’t want to renovate the RV, you can accessorize it and personalize it all you want. This is a cheaper option, and that is always a good thing.

There you have it, a complete guide on how to buy a used RV. Make sure you do thorough research and ask around so that you can find the best RV. Let Calcite Credit Union help you with your loan!