At Calcite Credit Union we are continuing to monitor the spread of COVID-19.  Our main priority is for the safety of our employees and our members.  My team and I take this very seriously and we are communicating daily on how to better serve our members.

We are currently following the guidance of the CDC to assist in stopping the spread of the virus.  These steps will assist us in flattening the curve to save lives.

Empathy for our members

We are your financial solutions partner through good times and bad.  Utilize our Calcite CU App or visit for more info. We also have certified financial counselors and loan officers to take your call.

Here are a few solutions:

Electronic Solutions

Most products and services are online.  We encourage you to utilize solutions such as:

Protecting our employees

Our employees love serving our members with quality service and we want them to stay safe. We are committed to keeping everyone safe and to do the right thing to protect them.  Currently, we have done the following:

  • Enabling employees to work from home
  • Following CDC guidelines to protect staff that are serving members through our drive thru only
  • We are diligently practicing social distancing within our offices
  • We have provided staff members with video technology so they may conduct business without in person contact.

Protecting your assets

Your money is safe and federally insured up to $250,000.  Your financial institution is the safest place to keep your money.  By withdrawing and keeping the funds at home you run the risk of it being lost from fire or theft.  Remain calm and know that your money is safe at the credit union

To the community

We are resilient and we are a part of the great communities that we serve.  We will continue to serve you as we have for the last 58 years.  Please be patient and kind to one another as we work through the changes together.  Together we are stronger.

Letter From CEO – Marth 19 2020