“I can’t believe this! I was struggling with my online account and decided to take my laptop into the credit union for help. We tried different things but we couldn’t solve the issue. Then out of nowhere, one of the team members offered to follow me home on her lunch break, get everything set-up in my house then we could troubleshoot the issue. I got my online account set-up and Calcite has a member for life. Who does this any more!!!!”

“Calcite recently helped me in a embarrassing but real life situation. I had been laid off and bills were coming in every day. I couldn’t even pay my electric bill so I went to Calcite to see if they could help. It was hard for me to share what was going on however I never felt that they judged me. One of their team members called a local non-profit to see if they could help. From there, she drove me to the nonprofit’s office where I got money for my bill and even more help getting my life back in order. This grown man shed a few tears. Thank you Calcite!”

“Staff are so nice and helpful! I live far away and whenever I call or email they’re right on top of things and help me out. I appreciate so much that level of service, it’s wonderful!”

Erika Paul

“Been a member for so many years. Love the staff, customer service and the benefits of having an account at the Credit Union”

Elizabeth Heinzel

“The extras that being a member allow for free where another institution charges a fee.”

Michelle Milbocker

“The friendly small town feeling from all staff”

Elizabeth Hayden

“I like the ‘family-like’ atmosphere and family-like treatment from the Credit Union ‘family’.”

Marsha Grulke

“The low interest rates that I receive being a member, the small hometown feel that I have had for many of my family’s generations.”

Tammy Jamieson

“Really appreciate all the great community support you provide–Friends Together for example. Also like all the encouragement given to children to become members–punch card for deposits, give aways, and more”

Brenda Lamp

“The staff is helpful in all departments-I’ve never not had my questions answered or calls returned.”

Leanne Buczkowski

“Ease of loans… and timeliness… easy to pay bills, transfer funds, etc. CCU just makes it easier to manage my money and bills. Staff is fabulous!”

Katie Ries

“I like the easy access to my savings and that there isn’t a charge for any withdraw, and that is is available almost anywhere.”

Linda Nagy

“I wholeheartedly appreciate having access to your Posen ATM. It is super convenient for us.”

Shelly Budnik

“Friendly staff who are engaged in making our community a great place to live.”

Jane Kroll

“I love how great the staff are! It is never difficult to get the information I need.”

Julie Burnett

“You guys are great to me!”

Courtney Kruse

“The feeling of knowing my money is in good hands”

Laurie Puril

“Friendly, helpful employees. Great interest rates!”

Carolyn Barrett

“I have been a member for many years. My parents signed me up as a child and now as an adult am still a member. We have gotten 2 home loans and have a Visa card from them. And I love the freedom of the online services too. What I like is the courteous service that I receive, from the employees. And how they are always willing to help. I would recommend this Credit Union to family and friends”

Lisa Bellmore

“My favorite part about Calcite Credit Union is how involved they are with the community and are constantly giving back.”

Alysse Hempel

“I love that it is easy to keep track of my money on the online banking and the round up option for our checking account is a great way to put money away that you don’t even know you’re putting away.”

Ashley Saddler

“I have never met an employee that failed to smile and do their very best to help me, no matter what my need was!”

Polly Haselhuhn

“The small town feeling when every teller knows your name and greets you with a great big smile :)”

Shannon Brege

“Owning gives me a sense of belonging as compared to being a depositor of my money. The interest rates are enticing to me, that it builds my retirement funds. Couldn’t ask for much more.”

Barry Fyke

“The personalized service and security. I feel valued and that the employees truly listen to my wants and focus on recommending the services that match my desires.”

Angela Marx

“The way all of the employees treat each other and the nice way they treat each customer and know your name. The way everyone is involved in some part of the community outside work.”

Roger Wenzel

“Popcorn Friday!”

Sharon Ossewaarde

“Everyone that works there has absolutely awesome people skills. And when you have a question you get a straight answer. Absolutely the best place to do your banking.”

Kevin Bohn

“Friendly, efficient service. Love that I can move money between credit unions without fees or having to run across town to do a transaction. I also like the loan specials and have taken advantage of several promotions. Thank you Calcite.”

Vickie Rodriguez

“Everyone has always been so friendly.The Loan dept always works with you to try and help you save money with your loans. Members are kept informed with any changes that are going to be happening.”

Calvin E. McCaslin Jr.

“My favorite things about being a member at Calcite Credit Union include the wonderful staff, the low rates, and the flexibility they offer with payment plans for loans and credit cards.”

Ashley Budnik

“Knowing that help is only a phone call away no matter how silly the question is. They always laugh and explain and answer my questions. Love everyone that works there !!”

Diane Schultz

“I have been with CCU since my grandma got me my first account at age 12. I’m now 30 years old. I’ve never had any issues and always receive the best banking experience. I see troubles others have with different banks and I always am telling them to switch to CCU.”

Jaimie Achtabowski